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Generating unparalleled returns on marketing investments.

FMCG Direct is a group of pretty smart people doing very smart things: Insight-driven creative. Product-specific targeting models applied against the very best data. Rigorous campaign reporting and analysis.

Insight-Based Creative

We craft the right message. We develop our creative from powerful insights. We derive these insights from our continuous, Financial Personality®-based market research with consumers and small businesses. This research ensures that each campaign resonates with the target audience, effectively addressing benefits and barriers, and giving customers compelling reasons to take action.

High-Performing Lists

We put the right message in front of the right people. Our consumer and small business targeting systems employ highly specialized, product-level models. Harvard- and Princeton-trained mathematicians build and continuously refine these models for us. And our in-house national databases rely on the most comprehensive demographic, firmographic, and credit data available on consumers and small businesses.

Rigorous Campaign Reporting

We obsess over our performance. We rigorously analyze every campaign to accurately identify exactly who responds and who doesn't. Looking at profit margins, tenures, and lifetime values, we measure every critical aspect of every campaign. So our clients know their return on their investment and how many months it took to break even.