A data-driven, omni-channel
marketing services company
created from one of the most
respected consulting firms in
the world.

We focus on one industry: financial services. We specialize in what we believe
are two of the most measurable marketing mediums: direct mail and digital.
We leverage industry expertise, marketing sciences know-how and
insight-driven creative innovations to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

We have more than 30 years of experience

FMCG Direct is a spin-off of the First Manhattan Consulting Group, which has more than 30 years of experience advising financial institutions around the world on corporate and business strategy, marketing and customer segmentation, risk management, technology, and operations. We focus on one industry, and one industry alone: financial services.

We're a new kind of agency

Over the years, our clients often asked us to objectively evaluate their marketing investments. We frequently found that their campaigns failed. They didn't generate material, organic growth for their consumer and small business franchises. So 10 years ago we created an omni-channel, data-driven marketing services company. One focused exclusively on financial services marketing campaigns that would generate measurable, valuable returns, even under the most rigorous scrutiny. By combining financial services expertise, marketing sciences know-how and insight-driven creative innovations, we formed a new kind of agency that today is generating unparalleled returns on marketing investments.

We produce superior results

Our consumer and small business direct mail campaigns consistently produce, on a net-of-control basis, at least a 500% return on investment with a payback of less than six months. We have a perfect track record of surpassing the performance of our client's previous internal initiatives and agency programs.

With our partner, Experian® Marketing Services, the digital marketing solutions we offer represent some of the most innovative and powerful tools available for today's financial services digital marketer. Our segment-based approach uses targeting intelligence from either Financial Personalities® or Consumer Financial Insights®. This offers breakthrough insights and produces exceptional campaign results across search, display, email, etc.

We invite you to learn more about our distinctive approaches that achieve extraordinary results.