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Robert M. Tetenbaum

James M. McCormick

Chairman and Co-Founder

Jim McCormick is a co-founder and chairman of FMCG. During Jim's 30+ years of consulting to financial institutions, he has assembled expertise ranging from strategy to marketing to acquisitions. Along the way, he has authored over 40 white papers on banking.

Jim has given testimony to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and has appeared over 200 times as a speaker before various industry groups. He has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, and other television venues. He has been widely quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Institutional Investor, The Economist, Forbes, and Fortune.

Jim contributes to education as a Board member of Mercy College, the Engineering College Council at Cornell University, and previously as a national board member of Teach for America. He also serves on the Board of several venture companies.

Jim holds master's and bachelor's degrees with honors from Cornell University.

His hobbies include auto racing where he won the Porsche Klub Sport Racing Series and photographing birds in flight.

Robert M. Tetenbaum

Robert M. Tetenbaum


Bob is a co-founder, and the president of FMCG and FMCG Direct. Since 1980, he has been a leader in the firm's Marketing, Fee Services, and Trust and Investment practices. Within FMCG Direct, Bob ensures that every client marketing campaign is both properly designed to take full advantage of our intellectual property and then accurately analyzed across credible, insightful performance metrics. The result is stellar campaign performance substantiated by reporting and analyses that stand up to the scrutiny of accounting and finance groups.

Bob has been an invited speaker at conferences for the American Banker's Association, the Bank Administration Institute, Direct Marketing Association, Federal Reserve, Financial Executives Institute, National Corporate Cash Management Association, and the New York Cash Exchange. He has authored articles published in The American Banker, Corporate Cashflow Magazine, Magazine of Bank Administration, and International Correspondent Bank Magazine. Bob's consulting experience has been acquired at FMCG and Booz • Allen & Hamilton. Bob received his Bachelor of Science from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from New York University.

Tad C. Leblond

Tad C. LeBlond

Executive Vice President

Tad provides strategic counsel on campaign design and optimization across all FMCG Direct clients. Tad collaborates with clients to define the campaign production goals and key learning objectives, and then develops the optimal test cell design to achieve those goals. Tad has developed a reputation for his ability to accurately forecast campaign performance, including accounts, balances, and profitability. FMCG Direct clients look to Tad to distill the critical insights from the results of each campaign that will "move the needle" in future campaigns. The success of FMCG Direct is due, in large part, to Tad's vision and practical experience across hundreds of direct marketing campaigns. Tad received his BA with honors from Harvard University.

David P. Tetenbaum

David P. Tetenbaum

Managing Vice President

In addition to David's campaign management responsibilities, he oversees FMCG Direct creative and production groups. David is also responsible for FMCG Direct online marketing solutions. David has been an invited speaker at numerous forums including conferences for the Corporate Executive Board, Bank Marketing Association, American Banker Bond Buyer, European Financial Management Association, Bank Administration Institute, and Association for Management Information in Financial Services. David has authored numerous articles and been quoted in major publications including The Economist, Journal of Retail Banking, and The American Banker. Prior to joining FMCG, David was employed by McKinsey and Company. David received his BA from Franklin and Marshall College and his MBA from Babson College.

Derek Elmerick

Derek S. Elmerick

Managing Vice President

Derek is responsible for developing and guiding the marketing analytics strategy at FMCG Direct. He oversees the database marketing and analytics group, and also directs the many facets of FMCG Direct research and development initiatives. Derek works with a highly motivated team that enjoys helping clients convert data into actionable, measureable insights that maximize shareholder value. Prior to joining FMCG, Derek's management consulting experience was acquired at American Management Systems where he specialized in financial services software development and systems integrations. Derek received an MA in statistics from Harvard University. He also holds an MS in mathematics from Purdue University and a BS in mathematics from Indiana University.

Kristopher Lazzaretti

Kristopher D. Lazzaretti

Managing Vice President

Along with developing and implementing campaign strategy and test design, Kristopher oversees the delivery of integrated, cross-channel marketing solutions using analytics, data and technology. He also shares responsibility for developing and continuously improving FMCG Direct's core intellectual property, including the Financial Personality® segmentation system, the Consumer Financial Insights® scoring suite, and the firm's lifespan analysis and profitability modeling tools. With clients, Kristopher works tirelessly to channel high-level business goals into tactical marketing strategies. Clients rely on him to quickly and accurately forecast production levels and profitability, select and apply the appropriate analytical tools, and clearly explain campaign objectives, tests and results to all stakeholders. Kristopher received his BA with highest honors from Princeton University.