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Consumer direct mail campaigns
that deliver extraordinary returns.

Our turnkey campaigns reinvigorate marketing.

Consumer Direct Mail Campaigns

We help financial services companies organically grow their consumer franchises - deposits, secured and unsecured loans, investments and life insurance. Our approach leverages proprietary research, focused analytics, and access to the highest quality demographic and credit data sets available on U.S. consumer households. Our clients' direct mail campaigns typically boast of extraordinary outcomes:

  • Produce campaign return on investment that exceed 500%
  • Achieve campaign payback in less than 6 months
  • Annually, add 10-20% growth in consumer deposits, loan balances, assets under management, etc.

How do we produce such exceptional results?

Our Consumer Acquisition Marketing System (CAMS) enables us to identify the most attractive consumer targets and ensure they are receiving the most appropriate product offer. We leverage responder models that are developed and continuously refined against specific product categories, including checking accounts, investment accounts, home equity loans, mortgages and credit cards.

Leveraging the consumer insights that we derive from our proprietary research, we develop direct mail creative that resonates with customers and prospects. The formats and strategies we use are continuously refined through champion-challenger testing across hundreds of direct mail campaigns each year.

Finally, we apply robust measurement and reporting techniques to accurately assess a campaign's performance and continually improve future campaigns. FMCG is an agent of Experian® Information Services. Therefore, we are able to perform net-of-control campaign analysis and reporting for pre-screen campaigns.