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Investing Big in Small Business Growth

Getting businesses to shift their banking relationship is a challenge. However, new analytics assembled from 17 third-party data sources have created breakthroughs in targeted marketing to smaller businesses. Astonishing return on investment, often over 500% or even 1,000% with rapid payback can be achieved.

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Is It Possible? Revenue Growth While Achieving 200% to 1000% Returns on Marketing?

Analytic insights into consumers and small businesses can dramatically increase the payoff from marketing and sales, and can be obtained without waiting for a comprehensive data warehouse and any necessary steps to upgrade your internal analytic team.

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Gaining Share on Low-Cost Deposits

Advanced target marketing can increase share of attractive business and consumer checking deposits while providing very high return on investment.

Is now the time to act?

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Seeking to Grow Profitable Deposits? New Targeting Approaches Can Be Powerful

New models improve the ability to target households with the highest deposit potential, providing a dramatic increase in return on marketing investment.

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Should Direct Mail Get a Greater Share of Your Marketing Budget?

Banks deploying new targeting and measurement approaches in deposit and lending campaigns are enjoying 60% to 100% increases in new-to-bank customers, positive year one cash flow, and 300% to 1,000% returns on marketing spend (ROMI). Rigorous analysis supports the decision to allocate significant budget to this transformed marketing channel.

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Branch Pruning: A Critical Test for Marketing and Customer Analytics

Banks seeking to maintain market share while downsizing their networks must excel at retention and prospect acquisition. Key is supercharging marketing with superior targeting of high profit prospects, including those that are less branch proximity driven. Based on our marketing execution results for clients spanning 12 years and over 1,000 campaigns, this can be accomplished while earning high ROI.

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Business Loan Growth: An Underutilized Approach with High Returns and Quick Payback

A common view is that gaining share of loans from businesses requires a complement of superior bankers. Marketing support is often viewed skeptically. This white paper-based on proven results-shows how the right analytically-driven marketing support can add new loans quickly with a quick payback, plus help improve sales effectiveness.

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Deposit and Profit Opportunity in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: 9 Reasons Why Most Banks Are Not Realizing Their Potential

Most banks perceive the small and medium-sized business segment as quite stable, offering exceptional profitability and low cost deposits. However this is not the case, as a few banks have broken out from the pack, achieved high levels of organic growth, and gained share of low cost business deposits.

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Reinvigorating Direct Mail in Financial Services: Capitalizing on New Insights into "Why" Consumers Buy

Moving beyond responder models by incorporating Financial Personality-based insights for targeting and message tailoring can generate breakthrough improvements in campaign ROI.

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Double Growth of Profitable Revenues, Earn 500+% IRR, and Please Regulators: Is it Possible?

Advancements in direct marketing are enabling banks to gain profitable share while earning high returns on marketing investment. Below we discuss results related to small business.

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The "Direct" Path to Small Business Deposit Growth

Breakthroughs in direct marketing to small businesses are generating outstanding returns on investment. Should your bank join the party?

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Can Direct Marketing Techniques Be Effective in Originating Attractive Deposits?

Direct mail has been used for attracting low balance customers to free checking offers. Can it be used for gaining share of higher balance customers?

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Direct Marketing Can Support Profitable Organic Growth when Measured Using Lifetime Value

Proper measurement and use of advanced segmentation leads to competitive advantage.

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Small Business Banking: No Longer the Forgotten Segment

Many banks have added resources aimed at small businesses. This investing to what we describe as Level II has often worked, but will moving to Level III or IV soon be necessary?

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