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Double Growth of Profitable Revenues, Earn 500+% IRR, and Please Regulators: Is it Possible?

Bankers ask us: "Are there opportunities to improve profits quickly other than cost reduction?" Here is one of several proven initiatives enabled by recent breakthroughs in customer-level analytics.

This example describes how we have helped banks grow their small business accounts and balances by 10 to 20 percentage points while achieving an IRR well above 500% and a payback of around 6 months. For most clients this more than doubles their growth rate. (Similar approaches can be used to increase profitable growth at attractive ROMI in other product categories, including consumer deposits, home equity, mortgages, and investments.)

If you are wondering, "Is this another dream about the power of customer data that will end in frustration?"--we understand your skepticism. The path to capturing the oft-cited potential of customer analytics is littered with expensive failures...

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