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Seeking to Grow Profitable Deposits? New Targeting Approaches Can Be Powerful

Given that core deposits will remain a critical driver of profits and ROE for banks, it is no surprise that deposit gathering programs--particularly checking acquisition--remain a top priority. To illustrate, roughly one billion pieces of deposit-focused direct mail will be sent to U.S. households in 2010 alone.

Acquiring and growing attractive deposit relationships have taken on even greater importance given that, coming out of the financial crisis, investors in bank stocks are focusing on a bank's ability to achieve and sustain distinctive organic growth.

FMCG Direct has been helping many banks better understand the growth in accounts and return on investment they are achieving from their marketing initiatives. Across these collaborations we have observed tremendous differences in campaign effectiveness. In the case of marketing campaigns intended to attract deposits, our analyses have revealed that a primary cause of poor results is problematic household targeting...

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