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Should Direct Mail Get a Greater Share of Your Marketing Budget?

The direct mail channel has been transformed in the last five years by two developments:

1. The emergence of cost-effective, product-specific segmentation solutions for deposits, home equity, credit card and mortgage--applicable to 95% of U.S. households--and for small businesses

2. More rigorous campaign measurement approaches that track all details of campaign response and profit generation.

At the few banks applying these approaches, segment-tailored direct mail campaigns now generate significant, profitable accounts from consumers and small businesses. Importantly, these results have been fully vetted by bank finance and analytic groups.

FMCG Direct's experience in segmentation began in the 1980s, when the firm was asked to develop segmentations based on transaction activity and profitability. While useful in some applications, customer behavior-based segmentation was limited in guiding marketing and other initiatives to add new, profitable customers. Our 20 years of segmentation development and application in direct marketing have yielded new insights and approaches to financial services marketing--and attractive, measurable returns...

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