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Direct Marketing Can Support Profitable Organic Growth when Measured Using Lifetime Value

Marketing departments at financial institutions are being challenged to increase the effectiveness of promotional spending in support of organic growth. Leaders are shifting more resources to direct marketing approaches. Why? Sophisticated use of direct marketing is proving to be an increasingly valuable means of gaining share at an attractive rate of return across an expanding list of consumer financial products--beyond credit card to include deposits, home equity, mortgage, investments and insurance. Moreover, its value contribution is more easily measured than most other forms of marketing, e.g., television, radio, billboards, and print.

However, high economic returns on direct marketing spend are not automatic. Many direct marketers employ teams of internal and external resources whose goal is to continually improve campaign performance. Yet our evaluations show that many campaigns have poor economic outcomes, and often this fact is undiscovered because the measure of success is flawed. FMCG Direct's work with successful direct marketers has revealed a critical and often overlooked skill underpinning their success: advanced campaign tracking and measurement of lifetime account value (LTV) and return on marketing investment (ROMI)...

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