Campaigns that consistently
generate at least 300% return
on marketing investment and
payback within 6 months.

Below are some recent examples, including a 2,800% return with a payback
in less than 2 months. Are your campaigns achieving these kinds of results?

Small Business Deposits and Loans Direct Mail Campaign

Client Challenge

A large regional bank sought to acquire new small business relationships. In addition to an appetite for new small business deposit accounts, there was a bank-wide initiative with aggressive lending acquisition goals. The client also wanted to increase the use of its merchant services and remote deposit capture offerings among current small business customers.

Our Distinctive Approach

Using our turnkey Business Acquisition Marketing System (BAMS), the bank targeted existing small business clients, retail customers owning small businesses, and small business prospects. Using our product-specific models that address response probability and credit quality, three target lists were developed: 1) Deposit-only targets; 2) Deposit and loan targets; 3) Merchant services targets. Concurrently, our creative team developed customized letter packages for each of the three target cohorts.

Campaign Results

The campaign produced material growth in both small business deposit and loan relationships: