Campaigns that consistently
generate at least 300% return
on marketing investment and
payback within 6 months.

Below are some recent examples, including a 2,800% return with a payback
in less than 2 months. Are your campaigns achieving these kinds of results?

Consumer Deposits and Home Equity Direct Mail Campaign

Client Challenge

A mid-sized regional bank sought to improve its lending market share without running a credit pre-screen marketing campaign. The bank also had a desire to simultaneously capture deposit accounts.

Our Distinctive Approach

The bank used our Consumer Acquisition Marketing System (CAMS), including our Invitation To Apply (ITA) Home Equity and Deposits Financial Personality® segmentation frameworks, to design a campaign that produced the optimal offer alignment for the bank's current customers and prospects. The campaign layered the segmentation frameworks with our product specific responder models to select the most receptive targets. Our creative team developed segment tailored creative pieces to resonate with the intended targets.

Campaign Results

The campaign produced material growth in both deposit and loan relationships: