Campaigns that consistently
generate at least 300% return
on marketing investment and
payback within 6 months.

Below are some recent examples, including a 2,800% return with a payback
in less than 2 months. Are your campaigns achieving these kinds of results?

Consumer Checking New Mover Direct Mail Campaign

Client Challenge

A large regional bank wanted to generate new banking relationships with high-profit potential households that recently moved into its footprint. The bank sought a direct mail campaign that would reach the new mover targets in the shortest possible turnaround time while also focusing only on those households with the highest likelihood of responding.

Our Distinctive Approach

The bank used our turnkey new mover solution to produce weekly mail files containing fresh leads moving into the marketing area. Our new mover lead lists are compiled from multiple sources in order to provide the highest possible coverage and ensure lead quality. To be more selective, the campaign also utilized our new mover checking responder model to ensure we were reaching highly receptive targets. Our creative team developed tailored creative pieces showcasing the checking offer and welcoming the household to the neighborhood.

Campaign Results

The campaign produced material growth in deposit accounts: