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Our data moves businesses forward
Our data

Our data moves businesses forward.

Unleash the combined potential of your first party and our third party data.

We build better data

We build better data.

We’re not data brokers or data resellers—we’re multi-disciplinary data aggregators.

Our data is extensively multi-sourced.

After working with clients and data providers over the past decade, we've learned first hand that single-sourced and limited multi-sourced data offers an incomplete picture of consumer and business information and behaviors.

We do all the work for you: sourcing and aggregating the best data in the market to uncover valuable insights.

Even our data is data driven.

Our dedicated in-house team continuously works to ensure our data is optimized. We are proud to offer the largest coverage of consumers and businesses in the US, and deliver relevant, unique and difficult-to-find data attributes.

  • We employ a strategic sourcing framework to continuously vet the quality of our data.
  • We utilize a proprietary process to identify unique value-added data, then rigorously test this new data for predictive value.
  • We evaluate our current data providers for performance lift and retire sources that don't perform to our high expectations.

Our data is built to be acted on.

Third party data has limited utility on its own—the key is knowing how to use it efficiently to add real business value.

We've paired the top data scientists and data engineers with premier data sources and machine-learning technologies, activating a higher level of data intelligence for all kinds of business needs.

Data integrity and privacy

  • Data governance & regulatory compliance

    Data governance & regulatory compliance

    • We work with your internal team to ensure they are comfortable with our underlying data collection methods and the attributes behind any of the models we build on your behalf.
    • Our models are not a black box. We have a team of statisticians who help you understand the ins and outs.
  • First-party data protection

    First-party data protection

    • We maintain the highest levels of security protocols and certifications available, so that you can feel safe providing us with your most sensitive data.
    • We work with information security teams to complete required questionnaires and to help them feel secure with our data environment and access.
  • Data-format flexible

    Data-format flexible

    • We don't set restrictions on what format your data needs to be in or how we will provide the data back to you.
    • It's simple: what's easiest for you, works for us. We build the data you need for your unique specifications.

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